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Skimmer Choice


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I have a JBJ 28 a Nanocube and I am down to 3 skimmers that will fit/work for me so I'm asking what you all think on which to choose.

1. Eshopps Nano
2. Euro Nano Skimmer II
3. Remora C or Remora C Nano looks like both will work for my tank


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Since you're thinking about the Remoras, how about the AquaMaxx HOB-1?

Thanks but already ruled that one out. The blue and yellow in our living room will clash with everything else,,, according to my wife,, and ya know "when momma ain't happy" ;)

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Thanks but already ruled that one out. The blue and yellow in our living room will clash with everything else,,, according to my wife,, and ya know "when momma ain't happy" ;)


What's your future stocking plans for coral and fishes? Can't go wrong with either #2 or #3.


Though, I'd say if you had to pick between the AquaC Remora and the Remora nano, get the AquaC Remora instead. Problem with those is that they're pretty darn loud (and your wife may not be happy with that). They're pretty darn easy to use and you can find them for dirt cheap.


Never had the Eshopps Nano so can't really say.

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Eshopps Nano is fairly new and I have seen mixed reviews. I see mostly positive though about the Remora's.

Why do you suggest the regular Remora over the Nano?

There is a Remora S out there now as well with an improved spray injector, bigger cup and drain fitting.


As far as plans well as I stated I have an established reef with the following fish as well as assorted other critters like snail,crabs,shrimp,etc.


1. Occelaris Clown.

2. Yellow Watchman

3. Yellow Clown Goby

4. Six Line Wrasse

5. Forktail Blenny

6. Geometric Pygmy Hawk


I might get one more if I can find the right small one for my peaceful community.


Over the 3+ years I have had other fish but they either died were killed or bullies. Now everybody get along well.



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i believe i read that the cad lights pls-50 will fit as well and performs very well.


Looks nice and a good price but alas at 3.25" it won't fit in the chamber of my Nano Cube 28.

To get something decent and keep my media basket/refugium looks like an HOB is my only option and only a few of those will fit between my tank and the wall.




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I had the regular Remora and it skims pretty well when I had a 30gal tank. I'd probably get the Remora S if it's a lot better than the regular Remora.


As for the Eshopps 75H, if you spend like $10-$20 more, you'll get the bigger version, the Eshopps 100H. But I never had any experience with the Eshopps skimmer.


Bubble Magus has a HOB skimmer called the Q3 that looks like has tons of potential. It uses the same pump as the Bubble Magus Curve 5.

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Thanks,, I am seeing nothing but great reviews on the new Remora "S" and it will fit with no problem on my tank where the others won't.

On top of that with a discount coupon I can get it for $183 and change shipped with the Cobalt MJ1200 pump (Italian version) so I'll probably go with that.

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OK, I bought the newer Remora "S" and it looks great. Looks like it will fit on back perfect.
Only one minor issue is that I will have to adapt how the pump sits in the sump. Seems like with the existing tank pump in the left chamber (looking from the front) , that I may have to remove that pump and use only the right one for filtration.
Anybody ever run their 28 Gallon NanoCube on only one pump for the filter basket?

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I have the same tank. I only run one of the pumps, and I put a Hydor Koralia 240 on the place where the other outlet is. I also plugged the unused bulkhead so water didn't flow in through it.


I'm using the InTank media basket and I'm happy with the setup.


Interested to see how your skimmer works out. I have a Tunze 9002 but I can't use the center chamber because I took off the top and added a AI Nano - and the light bracket is in the way.

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Thanks for responding.

I thought I could use only one for the filter and now you confirmed it. I will take out the other one (Now I have a backup) and I will use that chamber to put the Cobalt MJ1200 that will run the Remora "S"

I also have the InTank media basket and really like it. I have it set up as a refugium and biological filter.


I heard a lot of good things about that AI Nano before I built the Rapid Led kit. My corals are very happy with the leds.


As soon as I get it setup and running I will post here how it's doing and of course I add some pic's. Don't want to get in trouble with the "Picture Police" ;)


Thanks again


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I vote against the aqua euro nano--had one and had nothing but problems.

I have the same tank and considered the cadlights but I have read it won't fit in any of the chambers. I"ve since decided to go HOB with probably the esshops 75 H. Some great reviews and pump is external. Still waiting to hear more recommendations, however.

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Ok I got the Remora "S" up and running and it is very quiet except for the pump hum.

Producing lots of bubbles but nothing up the tower yet but I'm told that is normal during breakin.

The water coming out of it pulsates a bit and I'm not sure if that's the skimmer, pump or my Jeabo wave pump doing it.

I will experiment later to see.


Pictures and maybe video later in the week.

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Nano skimmers are under performers in almost every case. I have tried almost all of them and currently own the CAD PLS50. It is the better of the nano skimmers I have owned, but unfortunately none have been able to perform as good as a regular sized skimmer does.

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I have an aqua euro nano II in my nano cube 28. It fits well and started a decent skim after 3 days. And for the price,pretty ok by me. Coupled with a 20% water change once a month,its good.

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I will second the nano skimmers being very underperforming for the amount you end up spending on one. Run one for 1 week and compare it to what a full size can pull out in 1 day from the same tank. Plus they just don't look very good with their collection cups of fish turds looming over the tank.

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As far as the Nano skimmer comments that is why I decided to go with the full size Remora "S"

Producing nice foam today.

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