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Long Tentacle Plate Coral . need help!


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we bought a great looking long tentacle plate coral on sunday. so we have had it in our 30 gallon tank for 2 days and the tentacles have yet to swell. they are just shriveled up close to the skeletal. we moved him out of the fallow. we have also dipped him in iodine. i also fed him



do you have any suggestions on how to get it back to normal and healthy?



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These things are super sensitive to parameter changes or tissue damage. The best thing you can do for it it is put it in an area with medium light and flow, leave it alone and keep your water perfect. Jumps in salinity like the one you had are going to affect it pretty badly as are any alkalinity swings. Good luck!

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+1 with Roshan.


Just leave it be and let it acclimate without you touching it too much. Keep it on the sand, I heard they do pretty well on the sand. Also,

keep your water parameters stable. But the major thing that I have to recommend is to just leave it alone and stop moving it around

as you're stressing it a bit with every move while it's trying to acclimate. That's how I killed my Branching Hammer Coral. I kept moving it

and placed it in a bit too much flow.

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