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5 gallon fish stocking help


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I'm a newbie to this hobby. I've got a 5 gallon nano tank that is about 6 weeks old, its been stocked with some soft corals and CUC for a few weeks and now I'm ready to add some fish. I have shortlisted down to following three fish:


Green Banded Goby

Clown Goby (Saffron, Yellow, or Green)

Tail Spot Blenny


Which would you recommend for my tank? Ideally I would like to add two fish from this list, so are they compatible?


Is there anything else you would recommend instead?


Thanks in advance for your help.

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Thanks for your help. I'll scratch the Blenny off my list


According to the forum you posted I can have a clown goby in a tank over 0.5 gallons and a green banded goby in a tank over 2.5 gallons, therefore can I have both in my 5 gallon tank? If so, are they compatible with each other?

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I've never kept any of the small gobies. They would inhabit the same area. Not sure if they'd leave each other alone since there different species or not.

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