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what new fish for my 75


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like the title says my current fish list is black ice clown, foxface, kole tang, green mandarin, one blue green chromis. i wanna add some more fish but dont know what else to add, so many options. what do ya'll think.

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yes reef tank and yes i do know the mandarins requirements believe me mine is a fatty. im looking for a medium sized fish im thing maybe a copper banded or 2 anthias maybe a midas blenny. i also have been looking at the mystery wrasse but i dont know if it would compete with my mandarin.

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jawfish would be cool. Copperbands are very cool but are often finicky and fragile, but not always. Might get a little aggression between what you have and the copperband but probably not too much. Sandbed is one place you dont have much going on so jawfish or a pistol/goby pair would be cool. Another consideration might be if you have any pests you might like to address. So if you occasasionally have some Aiptasia for example maybe you want to consider a Molly Miller Blenny and a pair of peppermints.

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The stocking list for my 75g is 2x maroon clownfish, yellow tang, magnificent foxface, melanurus wrasse, sixline wrasse, cleaner wrasse, lawnmower blenny, coral beauty angelfish, and a yellow watchman goby.


I know the foxface will eventually outgrow the tank, but I do have eventual plans for a larger tank.

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