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Turning API alk kit to be more accurate?


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So the basic API kit is integers only and is done when the color turns a solid yellow. 1 drop at a time.


Could it be possible to weigh each drop then match that using a graduated dropper. At which point you could get a much more accurate number. Not to the accuracy of titration but instead of integers...you could get it down to a .25 accuracy?


Do you guys think this is possible?


My API kit matches my Red Sea alk kit so I feel like it is accurate. Just wish I could get it down to .25 instead of 1.

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The Red Sea titration testers use a similar method and are highly accurate then again they use 3 or sometime 4 chemical agents to make this possible. I'm not sure this method would be possible with the lower end API testers.

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You can get it down to the .25 accuracy, but it would consume your API test kit 4 times as fast (you'd get 4 times less tests per test kit). If the test calls for 5ml of water in a test, multiply it by 4 and use 20ml of water. Each drop of your ATI test kit is then .25 dkh instead of 1.

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^ Oh nice idea!


The API kit is a LOT cheaper than the Red Sea kit $6 vs $25.

Maybe I can use 10ml of water, and then I can use that for the frequent check, and the Red Sea for once a week. That way I am saving money.


My goal is 9dkh...so if I can use the API to make sure its not 8.5, but actually 9, or close to it, that would be perfect.

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