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RapidLED Triple Puck Light


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Is anyone using it or have used it in the past ? I've got a 7 gallon I'm setting up and would like to know everyone's history or input on the light.


Also,does anyone happen to have any par numbers on this light or know whereabouts it's par/pur values are ?


And maybe what colors I could add to it to bump the spectrum and par values up a bit ?


Thanks :)

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For $199 that the triple puck costs, plus extra LEDs for color and a driver to go with it, just get the single aurora puck kit for $250. You get more control, less color separation, and from what I've been told the aurora is the same as a radion as far as LEDs go. Well worth the extra $50.

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I actually got the light used for $150,which isn't bad. As for the aurora puck,that wouldn't be bad either. I'd just have to get a a few extra drivers or run the whites,reds,greens on one driver and all the blues on my other driver which would make things easier. The light has a good spectrum as it is now,I just wanted to add a little more. I may keep it ass is though.

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