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Freshwater to saltwater conversion.


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I am changing a tank over, will be using my Fluval 106 canister filter along with a couple of hydor pumps for circulation. I have two questions:


Media in the fluval

I will remove the sponge filters, place filter floss in in its place that i will change out once a week with my water changes. I will remove all the media biomax, i will change out the bag of chemi pure for chemi pure elite.

Can i just wash out and dry the bag of purigen or do i have to replace it?

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Purigen can be reused (wash it with bleach and bla bla to regen it).... But it is also cheap enough to start fresh....


True enough on replacement. Think my using the canister will work fine if i keep up on changing the filter floss so i don't have a nitrate or phosphate problem. I will also run a small hob protein skimmer & i have an old Fluval surface skimmer that attaches to my intake of my canister. What im doing is converting a 15 gallon column to a reef, lights on order already

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I am doing the same exact thing. I modded an AC110 into three chambers, one will have filter floss, purigen and chemi-pure, then Chato, and the last has a mini-skimmer and heater.... Lights are 5 stunner strips and a T5HO... also creating an ATO system....

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If you google AC110 fuge mod you can get an idea. It's about 12" across, so it actually has a decent amount of space! I'm moving this weekend but once I get settled I'll put some pictures up of my build so far.

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