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Porksoda's 24g LED Nanocube


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Hi everyone,


I have been on here in the past with my 10g and 2.5g, but I have dismantled those tanks a while back when I was unable to care for them. Well my wife and I decided we wanted a nano reef again. So I finally ordered a new tank and a few things this past week. We ordered a 24g Nanocube Deluxe w/stand, 100w Hydor heater, and a Coralife Digital Thermometer from Dr. F&S. Also I ordered a box of Instant Ocean Reef Crystals(200g) box. So currently I am trying to build everything up so I can have everything ready. Mainly just buying things here and there. It looks like everything should be delivered by this coming up Thursday. We are so excited for this new adventure!

Well we'll keep you all up to date with all our adventure.



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Wow what a bummer!

I opened up the stand and built first.

Next I open the actual tank box and everything looks good.

Well until my wife was cleaning out the foam inside she notices 2 huge cracks on the bottom glass. Also the hood was broken.

So at the exact moment I am on hold with Dr.Foster&Smith. I really hope they dont give me the run around.


I'll keep you all updated on everything.

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Well I just finished up with them. They were every helpful!

They told me to send the packed that comes inside the tank. Which is the power cord I think.

She told me to keep everything else because I cant ship it back.

Also they are going to send me a new tank and stand because that is the way they come she said.


The worker kept telling me that I should try to fix the cracks with some sort of putty since I do not have to ship it back.

Although I dont know if I want to chance it.

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How awesome!

Dr.Foster & Smith sent out a replacement tank last week.

They ended up actually upgrading me to the 24G LED Nano Cube now!

This should give me a wider selection of corals and better looks.

Also it is a much better design IMO then the 24G Nano Cube Deluxe I received first.

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I just ordered the rock and sand for the tank.

It is all coming from reefrocks.net and it will be 25lbs of rock and 40lbs of sand.

I'll be sure to leave a review when I receive everything.


Also do any of you'll think I should buy some of that Instant Ocean BIO-Spira?

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Here is everything so far:




Put eggcrate down as a base:



Here is the rocks and sand from ReefRocks.net (25LBs of Rock and 40LBs of sand):




I tried to get some close-ups of the sand:







Also here are some photos of the rock:









Here is the rubble at the bottom of the box:




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Also does anyone know of a good kind of glue/epoxy to bond all the rock together? I am just worried about something shifting and a rock falling cracking the glass.

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Where's this at now? I have a 24g nanocube as well, not the deluxe one though. How do you like the leds? My CFLs are good enough but I've really been wanting to upgrade.

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Well I finally filled the tank up with salt water. Also I added a little powerhead I had laying around to get a little more circulation until I can by either a WP-10 or MP-10.

So far you can see that I put the thermo probe in the middle chamber and the heater in the right side chamber.








I am wondering if you think I should put more water or does it look ok at the level it is at now.










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Hard to tell in the pics, but I think you need to actally remove some of the water. You want the water to spill over the baffles in the back at thier individual heights. Try removing some of the water to acheive this.

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Oh ok. Thank you. I will remove some water till they are at the heights of each baffle.

I appreciate the help.

I am still real new to this NanoCube. I am used to just Hang on back filters. lol.

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The lights have been very good. I am keeping polyps, candy cane, and Kenya tree with no problems at all. I am very happy with this nano cube so far!

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Yesterday I ordered a clean up crew from reefcleaners.org. Also I ordered a WP10 wavemaker/powerhead yesterday also. These should make a huge difference.

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Does anyone have any recommendations on where I should put the wp-10 wavemaker in my tank? Like any specific spot?

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