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Sump design for 9g Nano?


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I have a 9g aquarium without a partition. It's the eheim Aquastyle.


I would like to run a separate 10g aquarium under it to house the heater, filtration, and whatever else you suggest.


The reason for this is to have only the small powerhead in the tank and have everything else out of sight.


Please share ideas on what is needed to see this up.


Thanks Much

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The only thing I can think of is some baffling to seperate the drain section from the return pump section. You should be able to avoid using a powerhead if you go with PVC ans you create your own exits points for water flow back into the tank.


Basically you will this.


Pieces of .25 acrylic, lowes etc has them and will cut them for you to length. Make sure you measure first. Aquarium safe silicone.


You place the baffling in the tank where you want it and silicone it place, wait 24 hours for it to setup, and 48 hours for it to fully cure inside and out. And your done.


Heres my home made sump to give you a idea. basically do the same thing I did and youll be fine. You dont have to have three baffles like I do at the right. You can do only one. I only had three as I had my fuge in the center section.



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Thanks - can you point me to a thread that has a list of equipment? Or let me know what kind of pump to use and what media filter you suggest. Also, any need to put in a protein skimmer?

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There really isnt a list of equipment or a thread that I have seen. If you want someting similar to what i have, All you need is Some PVC, PVC glue and primer. I dont suggest that you use the glue and primer on pieces you might want to remove like parts of the overflow that go int the sump..


Heres a list of what you will need.


for your tank i would do 1/2 PVC since you wont need 1" stuff. You will have to measure the length to fit your tank for the PVC


90 degree elbows or Street elbows is also what they are called.




Union to unscrew certain parts. I have on on my return pump side, so when i remove the pump to clean it all I do is unscrew the union and the pump comes out.


Threaded unions.


Saw or PVC cutting tool.


maybe some 45 degree PVC.


I used spa hose for most of my return pump as if you use to many 90 degree pieces of PVC you will slow down your water flow.


The pump size all depends on how many Gallons of water your overflow box can handle. Say your overflow box can handle 600 GPH, and you choose a pump that does 900 GPH even with the neds form the PVC you will overflow your tank as the overlfow cant handle that amount of water.


Look up how to make your own PVC overlfow and it will give a idea of how to plan things like return pumps and how to calculate how much water pressure you will lose.



you dont have to have a skimmer, Normal weekly partial water changes will make up for not having one. But you can get one if you want.


Heres some more pics of the entire thing.


The far right 90 degree elbow at the front of the tank is my return pump outlet. Dont pay attention to the other pipes.




back of the tank. Dont mind the Pipes that go to both sides of the tank and the other pump sitting on the stand.





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Thanks for the help.


This may be a silly question but I'm a newbie. Can I get away without drilling an overflow hole in my glass Eheim tank?


Can I use a Eshopps PF Nano Overflow Box instead?


That may be a question for a new thread.

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If the tanks glass is tempered no you cant drill it. If it is yes but you have to buy a diamond bit and be very careful so you dont crack the glass.


You can use any Overflow box you want.

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