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how long is stored di resin good for?


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I found a bag of di resin in back of my fish cabinet, it is still in the sealed bag from the supplier. it has got to be at least 2 years old, do you think it is still any good?

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When properly stored in a vacuum sealed bag with moisture inside and kept unopened in the back of the refrigerator it will last about 6 months. If allowed to dry it it loses its electrical properties so what you have is probably shot. Open it up and see if it is still damp, if so you might try filling a cartridge but I doubt it has much if any strength left.


I never recommend buying more than you can use in a 6 month period and if possible buy it in individual 20 oz packages or if not use a seal a meal type vacuum sealer and divy it up into 20oz portions so the rest stays sealed and stored in your refrigerator.

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