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Plumbing Display Refugium


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I am thinking about adding a display refugium to my 29G Biocube. My idea was to get a 20G tall (20 x 10 x 24, W x L x H) and set it next to my biocube. The Biocube is 19in tall so my thought was I could use a pump to move water into the refugium and gravity to move water from the refugium (24 in high) to the biocube (19 in high). I have a few questions though:


1. I have found a way to plumb the system while still being able to keep the stock hood on the biocube, however I need to make five 90° turns. Is having this many 90° turns going to cause problems with moving water to and from the display refugium?


2. What size pump should I use? Would 300 gph be enough?


3. What diameter of PVC should I use for my return line?


Any thoughts/comments/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Will the 90* elbows be on both the inflow and outflow from the display? It won't make too much of a difference on the outflow but that'll really affect your inflow. You'll need to account for that as well as the head height when buying a pump.

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reef central has a calculator that allows you to put specific pump, head height, number of elbows, etc. in and it gives you the estimated output of the return.. I don't want to push people to other sites by any means but it's a great resource.

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I am interested in what you are doing here. I have been thinking about sumping my Biocube 29 also. A display sump would be cool. Or to find another biocube and put them side by side.


Let me know how you plan on doing your plumbing, please.

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