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Did I Luck Out?


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So I asked the LFS employee if they had any Mr. Aqua low iron glass tanks (I was surprised that they had Mr. Aqua at all) and they said no. I looked at all of the tanks and this one caught my eye as to have better clarity than the rest and was still only marked at $49.99 for a 12" cube. I bought it because I thought I was getting a good deal and tht it was low iron glass. Also I always find good uses for extra tanks ;) . So, the million dollar question! IS IT LOW IRON????




Also the third pic was messed with a little on my iPad, so the color is a bit darker all around. I was just messin around.


Unaltered pic like #3





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Appears to be. I would leak test it asap. Sounds weird that they told you they didnt have onr and you ended up finding one.


Plus it was $30 cheaper than online.

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I totally agree. My guess would be that either they didn't recognize it, they had it shipped to them as regular glass, or they plain forgot that they had it. It's a very reputable fish store in my experience as well. It DOES hold water, just filled it.

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Gotta be honest here: It looks exactly like my regular 12" Mr. Aqua cube. To me, with a tank that small, the glass is thin enough that it isn't really a huge difference, and certainly not worth the ridiculous prices that are charged for low-iron glass.


So, did you get a good deal? Sure.


Oh, and they may call it a 7.5, but it's 6.1 gallons if filled to 1/2" from the top.

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It's also possible they don't even know what low iron means. Good score though, if I were to buy another tank it's definitely going to be a Mr. Aqua.

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