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Auto Top off Please help!


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So I am looking to get an auto top off system but I don't want to break my wallet. I'm 100% new and clueless with these so if there is an easy DIY or one I can buy for my 7 gal that would be great!


Again I'm fairly clueless how these are set up and work and dont' want to spend a ton on one either. So help me out please!

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I don't own any type of controller of any kind. Is there one out there that is decent that won't break the wallet? Could you link a few of them?

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I did the DIY ATO with a battery operated bait pump into a gatorade bottle operated by small float switch. The whole thing cost maybe thirty bucks and has worked flawlessly on my 2.5 gallon. I use it with Kalk fwiw...

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