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Solvents in Fresh PVC and Dow Corning 795 caulking.


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Hello All,


I am still trudging through my double decker sump project. Anyhow, I'm doing some creative plumbing and wondered about the solvant and cleaners. I've never seen a plumber rinse out wastewater piping, but does PVC cleaner and Solvent have to be cleaned out before use in a reef tank?


Also, I am using some pretty thick beads of Dow Corning 795 caulking to secure my stuff in sump. How long does this take to cure?


Yeah, I know there are words on the containers, but .... what do they mean?









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As far as the PVC, I would rinse the sump with some tap water to remove any debris(dirt, plastic shavings, etc) from inside the pipe and it should be fine. Waiting overnight for everything to cure will be more than enough as the 'glue' and cleaner is solvent based. You can also buy clear cleaner so you don't get blue streaks on your pipes.


The Silicone, I don't know. Some have recommended 7 days for the RTV 103 that I use, but I've added livestock 24 hrs when doing minimal seams.

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