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I need help with my sump!


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I bought this aquarium from someone and it has a built in sump on the back..The outtake gives off a lot of bubbles. Does anyone have a suggestion to minimize the bubbles???

Should I just replace the pump with a different one or is there something I can put on the output??


Or should I just not use the sump at all??

Should I put ceramic rings in the sump or what media should I put in the sump if I'm using it for saltwater? I have ceramic rings and bio balls.




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Air is getting in or trapped somewhere. What tank is that, it kind of looks like a biocube, but they have the pump/return on the other side. Is it a nano cube with a nozzle output on each side? The water level might be too low in the back either allowing air to enter the pump or forming air bubbles and then sucking them into the pump.


Typically in a saltwater setup live rock is used for biological filtration. That is what bio balls and ceramic rings do in freshwater. They are both rough surfaces where bacteria colonize. The balls and rings can trap detritus and end up feeding nitrates back into you tank along with filtering the water. I'm not saying they can't be used, but they need to be kept clean.

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i filled it up more in the back and that stopped my bubble problem, but now the aquarium is very high. Im not sure of the name of the aquarium. I had the name written down at one point. it was described to be reef ready. But the pump is so strong. I feel like its going to kick my sand everywhere and its going to be a mess. but we will have to see about that.


The problem is that it might be hard to get back there to clean the ceramic rings and all. so do you think I should just put live rock in the sump or what?



here is a video of the back and the current water level now that I filled it higher


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