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5 gallon tank ~ 20 litres tank - clown fish?


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Hi guys,


I want to ask your opinion about having Clown fish in a 5g tank (20 litres).


I noticed that some people have it in their smaller tank i.e 4g and even 3g but most of the articles i read on the net keep saying that min tank for clown ocellaris is 10g.


What is your opinion/thought on this?


Is it possible to keep clown fishes in a tank <= 20 litres? If so, how many fishes can we have there as a guideline, so that the bioload is not extreme?

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I wouldnt recommend it.


But like you said, people have them in smaller tanks -__- smh.


If you do have one, make sure its small and do not keep it for more than a year. By the year it will be almost 2 inches long.


There are plenty of other fishes you can keep in a 5gal. :) good luck!

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I wouldn't do it, to me it would be the equivalent of putting a fat man into a little coat. Not comfortable and confining and they give off a lot of waste and are always hungry. They're very active. Instead do something like a tailspot or a crab/shrimp pairing.

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I think you could probably pull off one in a 5 gallon as the only fish.

I have mine in a 5 foot tank, but other then for food she will never leave the area around the anemone.

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Thanks guys for the reply.


I am thinking putting 1 for starter and see how we go.


I'll have a look @ stubby clown fish.

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Stubby clownfish has the same bioload of a normal clown.


A lot of time baby clownfish in pico's are temperary until they grow too large.

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Do a yellow clown goby or something that isn't super active and that doesn't produce a ton of waste. Besides the clown being pretty active, because it produces a decent amount of waste, the amount of bioload on such a small tank means that the fish and everything else is in jeopardy of having bad water parameters. That means more work for you.

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