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New nuvo 8 what to do ?


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Hello all I just acquired a nuvo 8 from a friend for $50. I have been in the reefing hobby for many years but wanted a mini, but I'm not sure what to do with it mini reef, seahorse setup, pipefish I dont know and would love to see what y'all think. maybe some pics of your 8g for some inspiration

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I think a nuvo 8 full of colorful zoas and inverts would be cool. Like sexy shrimp or goby/pistol.


I'm in the process of setting up an IM8 myself, and Wmich2008 suggestion is actually my plan for my tank.


I'll be starting up a tank thread soon. My goal is to get it wet tonight!

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Those are some fun looking little tanks. I might go along with a softie tank with loads of color. Id love to see your tank progress keep us posted

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Some ideas that i could recommend( i know some are obvious):


1. keep the aquascape off the glass, there's very little room as there is, don't wanna make it harder to clean the algea.

2. The lid to the tank is your friend, it saves fish and doesn't let the water evaporate so quickly which is pretty bad in such a small tank.:

3. The stock pump is ehhh , i would replace it.

4. i had success growing softies with the stock lighting, even some LPS.

5. inTank media basket FTW



Hope this helps

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I totally agree about the intank baskets. I have some for my nuvo 16 and they are a great improvement over the stock ones. If you decide to do something other than softies I would recomend taking a look at the nano-box leds. They look super slick over nuvo 8s.

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I replaced my pump with a maxijet 900. I'm also going to probably split the return when I set it up again. intank baskets are awesome and really maximize the rear chambers. I did have a torch coral that did well right at the top of my tank on the stock lights. Its still alive and in

my 20 now. Can't seem to get a spot in the tank it likes now though grrrr.

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What about a rock flower anemone tank


After browsing the web last night, looking at rock flower anemones, I'm not thinking of going this route (and with sexy shrimp!) instead of zoas...

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