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Green dust algae -> pod bloom?


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I'll try to get a picture up, and have read every related thread I can find here but just wanted to get confirmation...


Just survived my diatom bloom and now I'm having a big green dust algae bloom -- probably related to over feeding but eh -- but I decided to just let it do its things for the past few days (only been a problem for about 7-10 days. This morning I noticed what looks like ick on my clowns but I have so much sand and micro bubbles being kicked around in the water column it could very well be stuff stuck to their slime coats... Anyway, I've got tons off little white critters crawling all over my glass which I assume are pods. Started this tank with all base rock and a bag of assorted pods -- no live rock.


This afternoon I came home to find small egg-like dark green sacs along the bottom ~ 1-2 inches of my tank walls. They're maybe 2-3x the size of the pods but appear way smallest than the snail eggs I've seen photo'd all over this forum. Clowns haven't been fed in two days but are fat with pods so at least someone has the little buggers in check but I'm curious what these "eggs" are, if they're even eggs. I'm sure pictures would help but thoughts?

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