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Awpong's 50g Cube - Long Overdue Update


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Fantastic :)


Thanks! :D


Great shots love the cows... er clowns. Whats the behavior like of those red cardinals?


It's hard to say because they're still new to the tank. When I first put them in, one of the fish hid under the arch on the right side of the tank, and the other two stayed on the left side of the tank. Occasionally all three will group together, but usually one of the fish would end up chasing the others and they all part ways. I'm hoping they just have to re-assert their hierarchy and that they'll be able to live in peace in the near future.


Right now they're all just chilling by themselves for the most part, and only time will tell how they behave. I couldn't find any information about these guys online, so pretty much anything can happen.


Luckily they're not nearly as shy as I feared they might be. They're out and about during the light period which is great, and they went crazy when I fed the tank with mysis. Thats how I got the pictures on the previous page (during feeding). Furthermore, they love to get cleaned by my cleaner shrimp, which is so much fun to witness.


I'm wondering how they'll react when I finally add my African Flameback trio to the tank. The angels will be much more active than my current fish.

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Yeh, I was curious because I am planning a similar stocking ( the 3 centropyge atleast) and am sort of at a loss for what else I want in there. Probably won't do any clowns this time. As much as my wife and kid love my current clown I'm just not feeling it and would prefer a less messy fish.

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awesome shots your tank is coming alive very nicely. filling it up nicely.

what do you feed your cardinals. i buy a trio and 2 died cause they didn't eat. and the one i traded off.

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awesome shots your tank is coming alive very nicely. filling it up nicely.

what do you feed your cardinals. i buy a trio and 2 died cause they didn't eat. and the one i traded off.


I feed them PE Mysis. They seem to love it.


However they've shown no interest in cyclo-peeze. They're probably much too small for them; these guys have a pretty large mouth.

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I love the Blenny, and I don't even like fish that much. :) Once you get a Blenny there is no going back. Can't wait to see all the corals in the tank.

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Lymphocystis is almost cleared up.



Look at that feeding response! I had to massacre the photo to get the feeders to show up best, but it's whatever.



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Yeh, i am really like those cards and how well they seem to be staying out in the open. Photography is lookin great too.


Yea, the cardinals are definitely a pleasant surprise. Although they're only really active at night and during feeding, they're always out in the open.


There's also a pair forming between two of them, and the third is kinda the odd man out. It'll be interesting to see how things play out.


But the pair is demonstrating courtship behavior (nuzzling of the abdomen, swooping / soaring / circling displays, side-by-side vibrations and flutters, and fin flairing), which is pretty cool.

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Great build I love it

awesome update. tank is looking really great. that how my cardinals were.

The color on these guys really is outstanding!!!! :)


Thanks everyone! I appreciate your support and I'm really liking how the tank is progressing so far.


I'm currently trying to plan the next few additions for the tank. I think I might add an RBTA soon, and then introduce the African Flameback Angel trio after spring break (in 3 weeks). I'd like to add them sooner, but I will be out of the state for 5 days and won't be around to feed the tank. I'm looking to see if any of my classmates might stick around, but until then, I don't want to worry bout having more mouths going hungry or becoming aggressive from the temporary lack of food.

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