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My clown is acting up again


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Recently I've noticed my clown breathing rather quickly, maybe about two times a second. However, it is hard to tell when he is not moving much, I mostly see the quicker and heavier breaths when he is chased by my other clown. Nonetheless, he is still breathing quickly most of the time. He's about a half an inch smaller than my other clown, they are both ocellaris. They were both added at the same time about two or three months ago. He is eating fine and comes up whenever I feed the tank. However, he hides most of the time(probably because he is smaller) does anyone know what's going on with him? Could it just be from stress?


My params


0 mitrate

0 nitrite

0 ammonia

Salinity is 1.024

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It could be stress. Does the other clown chases him all the time? Its may be a bullying situation between two clowns

The smaller clown has been coming out recently without being totally chased away every time. but, he is still being chased almost every time he is out in the open for a long period of time. Barely any marks or nips on him or the other one

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At times the clown looks like he's breathing fine but at others, he is breathing rather rapidly, especially after he's been chased. Could just be out of breath? I know I kind of said it above but I am just making it more clear

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Not much you can do. IMO. Clowns are not normal fish.
If you think he's getting bullied take him out. Adding another fish

may be a death sentence for that new fish. As it may get bullied too.

2 cents.

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I think at times he's bullied but others, he's happily out. Could it be out of dominance?


I've got a video that I just recorded if it helps at all (don't mind the music)


btw, he's been in that little crevasse for a bit now(hiding there, not permanently, he gets around the whole tank every so often)

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I just noticed that my black clown has bit marks on his fins. So, I think my orange one is fighting back. Just an update

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It is most likely your clown fish are establishing dominance. All clown fish are born males but when paired the more dominant one will change into a female. The more dominant one will be bigger then the less dominant male.

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