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Treedog5's Nuvo 16 Build - (Goby Town) -


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So I finally decided to go ahead and put my build thread up here, the only reason I didn't do it from the beginning was because I felt like my tank really didn't compare to a lot of the tanks I see posted up here. Number one reason for that is because I am on a very strict budget and we all know budget and saltwater tanks shouldn't be in the same sentence. Regardless of that I ended up with a Nuvo 16 gallon tank and one stock light, and my journey began. Before the Nuvo I had a 29 gallon tank going that I had started back in March of 2013, it was a mess. So when I came across the Nuvo I jumped on it and used some of the rock and water out of the 29 gallon to start up with. So my tank right now is being run by pretty much all the stock equipment that comes with the Nuvo except the lights, which some might say really isn't a upgrade but they are doing fine for me right now. Here is a list of equipment, future plans and livestock that I currently have.



Stock media baskets

1 Jebao WP-10

18" Evo 36 watt Led Light

Stock return pump

Ebay 100 watt heater




Filter Floss


Chemi-Pure Elite

20 pounds live rock

15 pounds of sand




Fire Fish Goby

Ocellaris clownfish

Bluespotted Watchman Goby




1 Red Banned Snapping Shrimp

1 Blue Leg Hermit Crab

4 Nassarius Snails

5 Margarita Snails

Red Sea Star




Green Tip Hammer




Neon Green Toadstool

Dragon Soul Favia

Green Bay Packers Zoas

Random Zoas

Green Fluorescent Mushroom




Future Plans


Kessil A150 Led

Intank Media Baskets

1 Blood Red Fire Shrimp



Weekly 3-4 gallon water change :)

Change Filter Floss

Manual Top Off when Needed


And here's the pics, enjoy and leave some feedback..


Day 1 ( Leak Test )



Transferred water, rocks and some coral from old 29 gallon tank.



Added new light, some fish and new corals.



Didn't like the rock scape so I changed it up a bit.



Got hit with some serious Cyano.



Couple of weeks, Chemi-clean and some snails later!!!


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Looks great, definitely like the final choice of aquascaping compared to the first one! Beautiful coral also. I wish i could have ordered the white nuvo but black was only available at the time i ordered mine :unsure: Looking forward to see how the tank progresses!

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