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Coral Vue Hydros

My 38 gallon IM startup....


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probably too much LR, but this is my startup. I have done this many times, and i always get too much LR. You would think i would learn. I will starup with this...and remove as needed later.



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Welcome. I have been running large reefs for many years, this is my first nano...after a long hiatus from the hobby.


I used a few pieces of base, i put i down on the glass, then put the sand in around them. I like to do this for stability, the live rock is built on top of the stable pieces. This way if you get an aggressive sand digger (wrasse, goby or whatever) it will not undermine your rock work...and cause a tumble. The rest is live rock...a combination of real reef and pukani. I did NOT cure, although in the past I have in startup tanks...ordered from Premium Aquatics, and just cured it my self in the tank. I love it that way by the way. You get alot of life, some nice, some not so nice...but i have always had success this way.


In this case I purchased locally ( i feel bad not supporting the local shops). We have a good one here in Albuquerque, NM, Southwest Reef Company. But if you don't have access to a local shoppe I can vouch for Premium Aquatics in Indianapolis, they are excellent. Of course they may not be working today :)



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The RealReef looks real interesting. It seems like the best of both worlds clean and with live stuff. I think i will try a bit of real reef with reef cleaners. From all I am reading I'm getting a bit paranoid about unwanted critters and tank crash. Does it work out that if i don't have enough live organisms I may also experience tank crash? Or will I perhaps need more filtration like skimmers biopellet /carbon reactors filter sock?

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I have NEVER had a tank crash, I have had 55, 120, and a very grow out tank, I think about 60 gallons. all were started with uncured rock. I have by the way never gotten a bad critter, however I read all the stories just like you.


I am starting this tank with fully cured live rock, I can tell you it is pretty much devoid of life. But I am trying to 'support' my LFS, so that is what i am doing. If i could get past that, I would have ordered from Premium Aquatics again, and likely would have done uncured. Trust me...it is a bit cured...since it comes from an ocean, half a planet away...alot of stuff dies in transit. Then it sits in the locations tanks for a while...and stuff dies on transit to you.


Anyway, that is my experience.

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