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Serpens ima "The Serpent's Depths"


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A new beginning starts here....


Two 266gph Accela Pumps

One Koralia Nano 240gph

One Tunze 6015 476gph

One Eheim Jagar Heater

Hydor Flow Rotator

Filter media basket

150 Watt HQI with 20K JBJ Bulb

JBJ Original Protein Skimmer

Filtration Media~

Seachem Seagel Approximately 90 mL

Filter Floss of various coarseness

Livestock~ Fish~

1 Tomato Anemone Fish (Amphiprion )

1 Yellow Watchmen Goby (Amblyeleotris aurora)

1 Blue Damselfish ()

Proposed Livestock~ Decorative Invertebrates~

1 (Urocaridella sp. C)

1 (Anclyomenes venustus)

1 (Periclimens pedersoni)

1 Randall's Snapping Shrimp (Alpheus randalli)

1 Pom-Pom Crab (Lybia tessellata)

Multiple Spirobranchus spp. Protula magnifica Bispira spp. Sabellastarte spp.

1 (Strombus sp.)

1 Neopetrolisthes spp. or Petrolisthes spp.

1 (Trapezia sp.)

Multiple Rock Flower Anemones (Epicystis crucifer)

Livestock~ Corals~

Vividae Ignis Zoanthids coral

Common Palythoa coral

Rhodactis Mushroom coral

Leather coral

Discoma Mushroom coral

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Decided to change up some stuff after doing some further reading of some of my inspiration tanks (Which will be posted tomorrow) I decided to do a simple as possible system. Skimmer (Hopefully I can get a better one) small amount of sponges/filter floss that is frequently washed, and a bit of carbon/Phosphate controlling media. For fish, a pair or one Pink Skunk Clown, one Aurora Shrimp Goby, one small combtooth blenny. Lots of softies/LPS.

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Nano Sapiens Photo credit goes to him


DeMartini Photo credit goes to them


Junkitu Their photo


Plainrt Their photo


Mini_GBR Their photo


PodRod their photo


GobyInPeace their photo


Sandeep their photo


MasterMind9 their photo


Razarmi their photo


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This is going to be great, are you going to clean the live rock and get new sand... I think an lps tank would be so cooool

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Thanks for posting a pic of my little 12g :)


Ouch on the tank crash. Moving is indeed tough on a system.


Good luck on the new tank build. Keeping it simple can be a good thing.

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Anytime, certainly one of my favorite aquariums on here!

Yeah :closedeyes: Only my smallest mushie survived.... And some snails.

Thank you!

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Got a little mushie and 15g's of water yesterday, the tank looks great and clear after a good wc and cleaning. Mushie looks good too, I'll get some pics later.

Going to a frag swap next week, so getting at least 3 frags :D

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Bought a small damselfish species, she was so cute...


...when they are small :)


Fingers crossed it isn't one of the super nasty ones.

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Cool can't wait for the pictures


Hopefully things go better with a cleaner start without someone's previous mess (no offence just couldn't think of another word at the time lol)

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IMO it was my fault everyone died, it took a while to get the tank up after the move.


Yeah I read somewhere that if you think the move is going to take x amount of time double that and that's how long you should plan for

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