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Meanwell Driver and LED config questions.


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Hey guys hoping I can get some answers here as this will be my first DIY led build. So the plan Im working on is a little zoa tank to compliment some of my nicer Zoas and free up some room in the 75. Got a Fluval Spec V. Here is a list of what I have so far for the LED build. And later where Im thinking I went wrong.

-6" MakersLED Designer Heatsink
-(2) Meanwell ELN-60-48D Dimmable Drivers
- (2) Power cords for drivers
- Power supply for fan
- MakersLED Dimming Bar
- (4) Cree XT-E Royal Blues 1500mA max
- (2) Violet UV 700mA max
- (2) Cree XML Neutral Whites 3000mA max will run 700-1000mA
- (2) Ocean Coral White 3 leds per star Cyan, Red, Blue 500mA max

So the plan was to put the NW and OCW on one driver, and RB and UV on the other driver, now comes my problem. Rapid LED states you cannot run fewer than 8 LEDs on that particular driver. So problem 1 is Driver 1 (NW, OCW) there are 8 total LEDs counting each on the OCW star, so driver 2 there are only 6 LEDs, so one option get a Total spectrum UV which if I read right contains 4 separate LEDs on one star and just run 1 on that driver.
Problem number 2 which might not be a problem Running the NW and OCW on the same driver I feel that the NW would be robbed of any and all power only running at 500mA.


So one more option after doing a little looking around would be this.

Driver 1: (4) RB and 1 Total Spectrum Violet at 700mA that would total 8 Leds, and Driver 2: (2) XML NW and (2) OCW at 500mA totaling 8 leds. Again with the question of am I going to get good lumens at 500mA.


Any LED gurus out there that could give me some good advice its greatly appreciated!!! Thanks in advance.

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