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Is there any advantage of a C2C overflow on a 40 breeder


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is there an advantage or should i say would it be worth the effort to do a bean animal on a 36 inch wide tank. i really want a quite overflow this time

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The short answer is Yes.


I see the BeanAnimal overflow plumbing and C2C overflow box as 2 different things, you can do one without the other. Using a Coast to Coast overflow box would provide you a large surface skim area on a 36" tank. More than should be needed but who ever said more is a bad thing? It would also prevent the low flow or dead areas that can occur around overflow boxes, corners of the tank, etc.


The BeanAnimal overflow design provides 2 different things, low noise and piece of mind. To me, both of these reasons are worth the trouble and expense. It will be cheaper than replacing carpet, hardwood flooring, livestock, your spouse or worse if your overflow fails. The BA overflow will handle many, many times the overflow that you would need on a 40 gallon tank, but it can be throttled down to provide the exact flow that you do want.


A Herbie style overflow would also work, it uses the quiet full siphon primary and the quiet very low flow Durso standpipe just like the BA, just without the 3rd emergency open standpipe. Quiet, less plumbing but with only a single redundancy.

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the expense is negligable at this point . i have all the bulkheads, and glass to do it . i think it would only be pvc. if it were silent then sign me up

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I think the more surface area you can skim, the better. I had a corner box overflow on my last 40b. If I were to do it again I'd do exactly what you are asking about. Acrylic C2C overflow box, about 4" tall, with the Beananimal plumbing.

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