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dimming meanwell ldd with arduino


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I read the meanwell ldd specs and I understand that to dim it I need to supply 0-5V varying duty cycle signal of frequency between 100Hz ~ 1Khz .

but I am not finding any answer on how to do this with arduino, I found posts where people were dimming leds by using the analogWrite(pin,dutycycle) function but this function doesn't give me what freq signal I will get.

so how can I use arduino to dim these drivers ?



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Arduino boards output PWM within that frequency range with analogWrite(). Assuming you're using a 5V board, all you need to do is analogWrite(pin, value); where value is your LED output from 0-255.

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thanks Genix!


how do I connect the PWM pin on arduino to the dimming inputs as they have no polarity ? on dimmer both wires are white , so one I have to connect to ground and one to the PWM pin on arduino I think.

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<p>According to the datasheet there should only be one white lead on the driver for PWM control.  So your PWM arduino pin connected to the white lead.  You'll have to connect the ground between the driver and arduino as well. </p>

<p> </p>

<p>If you have two white leads, maybe this driver has been aftermarket wired by someone.  Check the pinout on the datasheet to see what's what: <a href="http://www.meanwell.com/search/LDD-H/LDD-H-spec.pdf">LDD datasheet</a></p>

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