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White/green cloudy water - Algae Bloom?


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Hi guys,


I have issue with my marine tank and i need advice how to resolve this problem.


My tank is three months old. It's 185 galons water. Now water is really cloudy and the colour is green. This problem started when i used carbon in my filter.


It's has been lasting for 5 days. Yesterday i decided to use UV lamp and it has been working for 13 hours but nothing changed.




Do you have any idea how to clear the water?

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Looks like algae. The algae itself is harmless, but it is indicative of a more serious problem: excessive nutrients. UV lamp won't really resolve it. Do you have a water test kit? If not, get one and test the water for NH4, NO3, NO2, and PO4 if possible.


A standard recommendation on how to improve general water quality is to perform a large water change

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I have checked it today and it's:


NO3 - 5

NO2 - 0

PO4 - 0,1


Do you need more information about my tank or how it has happened? What can i do to sort it out?

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what test kit are you using? Is the NO3 reading in ppm? What carbon are you using? Did you thoroughly rinse the carbon before using it? Did you test for ammonia also (important)? What is you tank stocked with?


Some carbon has phosphates in it, which would explain the elevated PO4 reading you have. You could try chemi pure elite or purigen

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I am using Salifert test kit. NO3 is in ppm. The carbon was activated kind local brand (not good quality i think). First i rinsed the carbon in very hot normal water and next in RO/DI water. I haven't ammonia test but I can buy it on Monday if it's needed.


My tank:

  • 185 galons with sump
  • Turboflotor 3000 skimmer
  • Red dragon 1750g/h main pump
  • weipro lamp 2 x hqi 150W / 10 000 (i use it 12h/d)
  • 3 x circulation pomp 1350g/h JVP (chinese)
  • 60 kg dry rock (Indonesia)
  • Special blend bactera 1 x per week
  • filter with PhosGuard (for diatoms and phosphates ), no id deactivated because i wanted to emlinate reason of this situation

I set up my tank 3 months ago.

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Well, I'd recommend removing the carbon you have and replacing it with something that is guaranteed to not have phosphates. Maybe run some GFO also

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Ok, I have switched on my filter with PhosGuard it is simlilar to GFO and we will see. Today water is better maybe clearer 5% but i see some progress :)

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