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suggested LED layout?

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Hello guys,


Wondering if you have a suggested layout for LED's?


Tank is 60" x 24" x 20" deep


plan to run:


24 NW

48 RB

12 CB

30 Hyper Violets

10 - 3 up OCW

4 RB moon lights


Will be making the heat sink myself - suspect a size of 50" long x 10-12" wide should suffice

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Won't really matter a whole lot. Just make sure that the NW and RB are clustered closely to prevent disco. You can make large clusters of LEDs to mimic more of a halide, or spread out smaller clusters to have better coverage.

(and not so much of a 'hotspot' right under the clusters)

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Hello Ben,


is this arrangement too cluttered together like a metal halide? I take it doing rows would be easier for wiring reasons vs what I have shown.

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Well, a bit of a delay in posting :)


I would do two rows - I currently have four clusters all in a row on my 80g (48"x24"x16") and I'd prefer more spread from the LEDs, so consider doing two thinner heatsinks, making a total of 10 clusters instead of 5.


Also, I would consider the Luxeon M instead of the XT-E royal blue. One M replaces four XT-E. Also they stock Nichia super high CRI white LEDs, I would also consider using those instead of the XT-E white, I believe they're the same price.

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Hey Ben,


Thanks for the insight - unfortunately I've purchased this LED hardware and it has been sitting on my shelf the the last 6 months. Just before LED group buy started to carry these new brands.


regardless, I'm sure I'll be pleased using what i have. One has to draw the line, as technology in this department will continue to grow year by year.

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just a follow up of my build after your help and everything. Very happy with how it turned out!


I have asked this question in the lighting forum, however you might chime in here rather than there.


wondering if there are recommended power settings for certain color combinations that might be considered "coral growing mode" etc. something what I have heard the Radio pro's have?


it would be neat to see a "suggested" color ramp time / delay and power level on a few LED color combinations.





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Corals will use pretty much any part of the visible spectrum for photosynthesis, what matters more is intensity. :)


How it looks throughout the day is completely up to you. I have all of mine start at the same time and end at the same time and the intensity tuned how I like it.

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Hello group, years have gone by with this light.  We have recently started losing corals.  One potential variable is our light.  The ldd board had got wet at one time and causes sooner short circuiting we have since repaired the board but but perhaps there are damages we have over looked.  


Right now, using the par meter from seneye we are measuring about 300 above the surface of the water with lights about 90%. This seems low?


Suggestions on what to test?


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