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Nuvo Mini 38 Up And Running

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Hello everyone,


Earlier in the year I purchased a Nuvo 8 gallon model and liked it so much I purchased the 38 gallon and gave my fish a lot more swimming room and am able to keep more neat things to look at, as well as have more room for extra equipment. It's been up for a bit now and everything seems to be doing well. It's a mixed reef with some soft coral, lps, and sps.


I modified the back chamber to better suit my needs. Here is the clearest shot I could get of the back.



To the far left is a Hydor slim skim nano, the next chamber holds a heater. The middle chamber has a Tunze Osmolator nano. The far right chamber only has the sponge in the stock filter to catch any large particles. The chamber next to that has a pump hooked up to a Two Little Fishies media reactor, which hangs on the side and is running gfo and carbon, this returns into the middle chamber with the return pump.


I have a Vortech MP10 circulation pump and an Ecotech Radion Pro light fixture. I also purchased a reverse osmosis system for water changes and top off water...I think that about covers all the equipment.


There is so much livestock with fish, inverts, and corals, I will just let the pictures and video speak for themselves. I was not able to capture the true colors, but it gives a good idea of what it currently looks like.


Night (Royal Blue at 2%)



Taken just now





I was a little concerned about adding sps already, but they seem to be doing great and I have noticed some growth and good polyp extension.



A short video from last weekend after cleaning, so the water is still a bit hazy.


I can't wait to see how everything does in the coming year. Thanks for looking :)

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gorgeous corals in that tank, and plenty of toys in the rear compartments. i'm toy free at the moment, and i think the most advanced thing that i'm going to do is cut some of the rear tape, slap a light on there, and put chaeto in there.

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Looks great! Looking forward to seeing the growth on your SPS!

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