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Coral Placement Ideas and Suggestions


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Hey, folks!


I'm getting a big shipment of corals on 14 Dec and I'd like your feedback regarding my planned placement.


Please click on the picture to see a fuller size with overlaid numbers referenced below.





#1: Already have a Branching Hammer here in the sand. Three heads, about 1" each. Want to leave 5-6" due to tentacles.


#2: Already have a 2" Silver-Tipped Xenia frag here on the sand in front of that piece of dry rock.


#3: Planning on putting 2-3 zoa frags on this "bridge." I am planning on moving the bridge part so it doesn't connect with the other rock to avoid zoa overgrowth.


#4: Planning on putting either my Acro (Blue Cali Tort) or Birdsnest (ORA BoP) here. Nice mid-high placement with mid-high flow.


#5: Ultra Meteor Shower Cyphastrea. I hear these guys like lower light, even partial shading. Plan is to put this high on the rock near the overhand to avoid direct high light.


#6: Candy Stripe Acan: Plenty of room in case of aggression and lowish light.


#7: This is almost the exact center of the tank. This spot is a partner with #4. I'll either do the Blue Cali Tort or the ORA Bird of Paradise here.



Any and all comments are welcome!


Thanks for taking the time.

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That's a lot of animals to add at once. Post pics afterwards, I'd like to see how it turns out.


Roger. I'll document the whole process from unboxing, dipping, and acclimating. I won't be mounting everything permanently on day one, so likely it'll be a bunch of frags on the sand. ;)


I may have bit off more than I can chew, but we'll see. I was planning on getting less but getting the free shipping with a $250 order was too tempting to pass up.

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