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Finex 10" light?


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Probably help if you included a few details like what size tank, what corals are in it, and the specs on the light...


That being said, you can get away with an 8, 10, or 12 hour schedule with most corals, depending on how long you plan on viewing the tank throughout the day...


Typically, the brighter/ more powerful the light fixture, the less you need to run it, but again it depends on what corals you are keeping.

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10" 7000k with 4 blue LEDs, 2 snowflake clowns 1 serpent Star, 1fire Shrimp, 1 fire fish. CORAL Acan, torch, candy, Colt, Frog spawn Devils finger Star polyps. All in a 10 Gal


Just got a separate blue so I can put on new timers,

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Ok, then - you can run the blue for an hour or two before and after the whites come on to simulate (a rough approximation of) sunrise and sunset, and the white can run for 8 hours, for example...

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