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Too much blue?


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I just bought 2 ecoexotic stunner strips for my 14 gallon biocube. (it is all that I am currently running)

They are the 12.5 inch 6 watt options.

1 is blue. (453nm blue)

1 is blue and white. (12000k White/445nm blue)


My tank looks really blue and am worried that it is TOO blue.

I have soft corals and want to get the best possible growth out of them. I'm worried that I am not utilizing all the color spectrum. Is this something that you guys think I should be worried about? If so... would it be ok to just buy another stunner strip in all white and call it a day?


P.S. I have a dawn and dusk period of an hour and a half or so.. so all the lights are not on all the time.

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I am running a pair of the 12" 6W Stunners (8K/ blue mix) on one of my BC14's that houses a pair of Tanganyika cichlids (and some of their offspring), and while it looks good, it does not offer enough PAR for most photosynthetic corals in a tank that size - I would think you would need 4-5 Stunners to get good growth, and that would also allow you to tweak your spectrum a bit.


Take a look at the blue/ magenta mix, and try to throw in something with the 8K diodes - they have a wider spectrum (i.e. slightly warmer with a bit of yellow) than the 12K.


The nice thing with Stunners on small tanks is that one can easily tweak spectrum for not much money, and they last forever (well, almost... ;)) - I have had that pair mentioned above since Stunners first came out, on three different tanks, and the only thing that went out was the power supply, which Ecoxotic replaced well after any warranty, no charge... :)


Also, I know this is a little late since you are already using the Stunners, but also take a look at a retrofit from Steve'sLEDs - more expensive, but much more powerful - just in case your needs grow due to more light demanding coral, or you just get the upgrade bug like everyone else here... :D

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That's what I was thinking. I am just going to get another stunner strip or 2 for the time being (cyber Monday!). In the next couple months I will go with Steve's led system. I have been looking at them for some time now. I wish I would have just purchased that in the first place.. Oh well.. you live and you learn I guess

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