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Help me identify this frag I just bought yesterday. My LFS said it was Birdsnest, but I'm not seeing it. This is my first post, by the way...






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Pocillopora. They love high light and strong flow.

That's what a buddy of mine said it was. Thanks bro...

He totally bro zoned you kat.

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Sorry. Every female is a "bro" to me... I'm married. Lol

Married huh




An old wise 3 time divorcee once told me, your only as faithful as opportunity.


You could consider addressing any "lady" who is not your wife as "miss" or "ma'am".

Yeah bro, what the bro said!




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Of course I don't refer to women as bro... just trying to keep it lighthearted. Anyhow it's impossible to tell someone's gender by their username most of the time. No harm, no foul. Moving on...

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