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Dafil`s first reef -0.8 g SPS dominated pico


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hi, guys,

first of all- excuse me for my english-I am not from the states.

You have an awesome forum here.

I`ve decided to start a salt water tank-small one because of less investments.

At this moment my pico is 1 week old and cycling...

I am waiting for mini canister,heater and leds.

The idea is to build in this http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/UP-25W-Aquarium-Submersible-Mini-Heater-w-Auto-Control-/260668097505?pt=UK_Pet_Supplies_Fish&hash=item3cb10783e1

in this filter http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/3-Layer-filtration-medium-External-Filter-System-200L-H-/370115912895?pt=UK_Pet_Supplies_Fish&hash=item562ca0a4bf

and to replace most of live rocks from "display"" in canister.

Any thoughts are wellcome




it`s a 3l "tank" ~0,8gal

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When I set up my tank's aquascape, I found that it's important to remember negative space, that is, space left open. I good balance of rock and empty can make the tank look great. Also, make sure you have a scape you're happy with before adding any livestock. It's hard to work in such a small tank without hurting anything. Best of luck.


What livestock are you planning and have you ever done a reef before?

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thank you for the advise!

I have nevet done reef before so any ideas for livestock,corals.. are wellcome!

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When I set up my tank's aquascape, I found that it's important to remember negative space, that is, space left open. I good balance of rock and empty can make the tank look great.

He's right. Also too much sand, it will result in a buildup of waste - reduce it to a very thin layer just covering the glass bottom.

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I do not like too much sand too.I will reduce it.


what i do since im not a big fan of bare bottom tanks is to add only a tiny cosmetic sand bed and then, periodically, change it out during a water change. i just use a big siphon hose and suck the sand out and add a new thin layer with a shot glass or something that lets me pour it in under water to avoid disturbing the fauna.

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I cant wait to see this come along! I loved my little pico i had in college! I had success with a half inch sand bed, but keep up on the Water changes!

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You could mistake this for a much larger tanks without looking at the title.


They could be BIG bits of liverock in an average tank :)


Nice work dafil, needless to say im following since pico will be my next so all ideas are good :)

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probably good idea running the air pump 24/7 because if that's your only way of water circulation then it may stress animals when it's off. the marine animals need their oxygenated water flow.


but if you have the canister filter running all the time (which i just noticed) then you should be fine with turning the air pump off for the night. it would help if your tank is in your room and the air pump is too loud to sleep at night.

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thanks! I have a canister but i`ll run the air pump 24/7.No noise from it.It is down to minimum air flow out because there is so many bubbles in the "display".Damn, this little size is so tricky ....

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thanks guys!

I think i will not going only zoas.The question is what other corals for this volume(lps,sps)

And how high should I hang the 7x1w(60deg optics) leds from the bottom?

stupid questions but it is my first salt water tank!

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This scape is super great :)

Honestly I would not do sps in this tank, just stick with mostly softys and maybe 1 lps.

there are Tons of awsome options out there for this tank.

Rescape and honestly-I like the new version much more :)



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