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Well as it happens to most of us, I somehow have ended up adding another tank to the house! :blush:


Plan is to have dueling Elegance Corals in the kitchen. Over the weekend I came across a Yellow Tipped Elegance Coral at AcanLord and couldn't pass it up. I am awaiting the size from them but will end up in a Nuvo 4g or 8g. We currently have a Purple Tipped Elegance in a Nuvo 4g that couldn't be happier.


Thought is EcoReef, as minimal as possible, bare bottom style. Plans for a StevieT media rack with the typical set-up. Replace to stock pump and a 25w/50w Neo-therm heater and we should be set. No plans for a powerhead, an IM spinner and pump upgrade has work well in Elegance One. No skimmer just a well planned WC schedule.


I have a Seneye around here somewhere, never could get it to work right, but was operator error for sure. Maybe I will track that down and give it another run.


Feeding plans are light. Fauna Marine pellets to keep down on spot feeding, and broadcast feeding before water changes. Silversides every now and then.


No plans to upgrade stock lighting at the moment, just a simple power strip and two timers. I guess if I see a deal on a AI Nano I might bite.


A special Thanks to Stephen At AcanLord for being great to work with so far, and some pretty good camera skills! See below-




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Well this morning started nicely with a little bit of this...




Everything was packed very well. Acans were each double bagged and bagged together in a third bag. The Elegance was double bagged itself in its own bag, cleverly rubber banded to a piece of styrofoam.


Nice slow light and temp acclimation followed by a drip acclimation. Dropped the temp of the tank a few degrees to keep its warming up slow and into the Nuvo she went.




A few hours later...





Made a little filter floss rack out of some extra egg crate. Also made an egg crate bottom for chamber one to make sure there was flow out the bottom. Little home made GFO/Carbon mix and ghetto filtration isn't actually so ghetto.


Working out a light, LFS was out of the 4 watt IM and I thought the 8w would be a bit much, picked up a $40 no name 6w LED that I am happy with for a paycheck or two.


So that should be it, just let it be for now.

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This is like an Alien baby in the kitchen....awesome.


I'm out but TS will be around if you need to stop by.

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I'll be waiting in the wings for any coralz that may not fit in to your tank plan . . . :D:D:D

Seriously, the acan and war coral are doing great! The war coral had a bit of die-off but that has stopped.
It may even grow back!

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Right now running heater-less, temp swings from 74 to 76 like clock work. Lovely little ADA glass thermometer to keep me honest. A 25w Neo-Therm is in a box around here somewhere when needed.


Used my old Hydro Pico Evolution to replace the stock pump. Spinner is en route but flows quite well for now.


Since the tank was a replacement (small chip) didn't have a stock light so I picked one up for the LFS (IM 4 watt out of stock) spectrum is very blue which is ok...but the spill over is insane and for 6w it is insanely brighter then the 4w stock IM on the other Nuvo.


No much else for now, just wish I was around more to see it.

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So added an IM spinner for about 12 hrs and have gone ahead and removed it. I get much better movement with the upgraded pump and stock outlet.


Going to feed some Coral Smoothie then a full WC this evening or tomorrow.


Still debating lighting for this tank...

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If you're keeping the tank blue then don't waste your money on a full spectrum light of any kind. Go with a mostly blue with a couple of whites thrown in. You could go for a nano box mini


But without it being full spectrum

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So vacation curse almost got me...


Filter floss was so clogged it was restricting water flow enough it almost burned out the pump.


All seems to be ok, just a dirty dirty tank. Time to make some water, move her to a temp home and scrub this tank. Have some original mr clean pads I want to give a try.


Haven't made any changes to the lighting, she seems to be very happy. Not bad for a $40 no name, spill over is ridiculous though.


Heater is in place but yet to be plugged in.


DIY rack is still working good enough for me.

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