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Fluval Spec V Media Basket by Horen

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In this week I will be working in a Fluval Spec V Media Basket. During the creation process I will be posting some pictures. Here is the info about it and the 3D design.



Fluval Spec V Media Basket


· Product Description:

New Fluval Sepc V Media Basket to explore the most-clear water possible in your aquarium with a basket that forces down water through a three shelf design that cleans and clears you’re water in a more organized and comfortable way. Perfectly cut to fit to maximize space and product efficiency.

· Specifications:


o Made of Lexan (Polycarbonate Sheet)

o Shatter Resistant (250 Times Stronger Than Glass)

o Lightweight

o Three shelf design

o Perfect fit on first chamber

o Forces water through media

o Easy installation basket

o Clear Color

· Measurements:

o Tall: 7 ½”

o Wide: 4”

o Deep: 2”

o Thickness: 0.093” (About 1/8” or 2mm)

Product has space for a second water pump in the first chamber.


· Shelf Design (Mechanical, Chemical, and Biological Media Filtration):


o Top Shelf: Foam Filter (Mechanical Filtration: Traps particles and debris)

o Middle Shelf: Activated Carbon (Chemical Filtration: Eliminates toxic impurities, odours and discolouration)

o Bottom Shelf: BIOMAX insert (Biological Filtration: Provides Optimum Biological Balance)

Mechanical, Chemical, and Biological Media Filtrations not included




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