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B's Reef


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GHA or the brown icky schtuff?


Not sure how to post pics while posting from my phone. I sent them as a text.

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Algae is always lurking...waiting for it's chance to b*tch slap you :ninja:



that is the damn truth

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Transfer is pretty much complete .


Still working on the lighting, so it is a single 250w 20k MH at the moment , the fuge light holder is also still under construction. The contents of the old fuge still need to be moved over, but all other livestock has been moved.


Pics coming in just a bit

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  • 2 x Tangerine Clowns
  • Yellow Watchman Goby
  • High Fin goby
  • Pajama Cardinal
  • 3 x Talbot Damsels
  • Candy Hogfish
  • 2 x Dragon Pipefish
  • 2 x Randalls Pistol Shrimp
  • Coral Banded Shrimp ( fuge dweller)
  • 2 x Blue Porcelain Crabs
  • Pom Pom Crab
  • Ruby Mithrax



I don’t keep up with designer names

  • Frogspawn (green w/ purple tips)
  • Hammer (green tips)
  • Bi-Color Trumpet (purple w/ green center)
  • Orange / Green Lobo
  • Blue / Orange Lobo
  • White Goni
  • Sunset Monti
  • Red Monti Cap
  • Blue / Red shroom
  • Assorted zoas/palys
  • War Coral
  • Purple w/ Green Blasto
  • Red w/ Green Blasto
  • Rock Flower Nem (red w/ greenish center)
  • Yellow Feather Duster
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There's a Johny Carnios near 635 & PGBT, (at MacArthur) how about we all meet up there for dinner, it seems to be the most centrally located place. Although, I'm not sure exactly where JBB's tank is, so maybe DNT & PGBT would be better.

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ooooh dinner with Texans. I'm in!

Or is this a boys night out? I found another reefer in y'alls hood BTW.

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