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It looks like an Emerald Crab, and I have him for like a year now I think... He have a whole cave system in there but I recently started adding coral to this little tank and I have seen him more active since... Like walking around the live rock like never before and he found like refuge in this Yuma... I know emerald crab some people would say that they are bad and I believe this one act pretty much the same. I would just like to know if someone have one or know something about them? The would eat corals or not?


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Looks kinda like a strawberry crab to me. If that's the case it's ould be fine in your tank. If it's a red emerald crab it will Lao be fine. My emeralds gobble up cyano,bubble algae and any algae growing on rocks or sand.

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My guess is a type of Pilumnus. Maybe Pilumnus longicornis.




Where did the live rock come from? Indo-pacific? If so, this cannot be an emerald crab, because they are not found in that region. If an lfs has emerald crabs already, they can hitch a ride on live rock if the live rock is in the same tank as the emeralds.


The claws should be a good clue. The claws of an Emerald opposed to a Pilumnus are very different. Also the carapace of an emerald are a pentagon shape, while Pilumnus have a much more rounded carapace.

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Is it like this one?




I have tons of non-reef-safe crabs, and none of them ever do any damage to corals. If you're comfortable that it's not eating your corals, then enjoy your little friend!


It's a cute one!

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It looks like a Xanthid, which have oval bodies and often dark pincers, like in the pic above.

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