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Stormie's 16 Gallon Nuvo


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I got into the reefing hobby December of 2012 when I received a Nuvo 16 gallon for my birthday. I immediately got hooked and spent 3 months doddling around the hobby, adding the fish that I thought looked cool and changing the aqua-scape too many times to count. But all the while that I fumbled around, I learned from my mistakes and through reading the forums here on nano-reef.com, I developed a plan. My goal was to create a tank, which had the most vivid colors, and maximum variability of organisms. This meant it would only cater to those corals which would not grow like weeds until it dominated half of the tank. This, along with the addition of docile fish, will help to create a beautiful tank that is both calming, and pleasing to look at.


Reef Breeder Photon16
Innovative Marine Filter Media (Activated Carbon Sponge, Mechanical Sponge, Phosphate sponge)\
Reef Octopus NS80 Nano-Skimmer
MP10 Vortech

Fish/Invertebrate Stock


Ocellaris Clown
Hi Fin Goby+Randalli's Pistol Shrimp pair
Tailspot Blenny
Sexy Shrimp
Porcelain Anemone Crab
Peppermint Shrimp
Flower Anemone



Torch Coral
Chalice (Oxypora + Echinophyllia)


Brain Coral


Bubble Coral

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what chamber do you guys have the hydor skimmer in? Does it fit without mods?


I decided to return the hydor cause I couldn't get it in the back in the end... it was too compact in the back, so I'm now looking at a reef octopus BH100. It's a hang on the back so fitting it on the tank is no problem. A little over kill for a 16 gallon, but from reading reviews, it's really quiet and does it's job super well.

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joel sandoman

try the nano eshopps skimmer. Very small and will fit inside I think. Also very well made.

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Sexy's chillin'

So finally getting around to updating this thread. These are my sexy shrimp. They are doing so well! Their rock flower anemone hangs over a cave where they go into molt and I have a little side view of it, it's really quite cool. More updates coming soon!

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I added a lot of stuff today! There's now a super active pistol shrimp burrowing underneath my zoa's. I also got a torch coral and bubble coral which are doing awesome. Finally, added a few things to my clean up crew: tuxedo urchin, and a few snails, which should help with detritus. Overall, things are lookin awesome!

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