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I ordered a spalshguard and fans for my 24 jbj nanocube. I couldn't find the needed products on the website so I sent a email asking if they had them. They sent me a link to fans and a splashguard for the tank. The shipment arrived and it was the wrong splashguard and no fans. So i contacted them about the splashguard being wrong and mentioned the fans (thinking maybe they are in a separate shipment.) So they forgot the fans and told me the splashguard is no longer made for the 24. (Why did u send me the link) I was then told that I could keep the wrong splashguard and they would send the fans or give me a refund. I didn't want a incorrect splashguard so i elected for a refund. I was told to return it, so I asked about the cost to ship, the guy sent me a printable shipping label. I checked my card and got 54$ refunded when the 2 items cost 64.95$ total. So I asked about it and they sent me the rest. This is after about 2 months and 20 or so emails later. This is the website I visited.

I can see they also run some other sites like insectkits.com

Shows up on card as
Toy Aqua

emails domain is aquatic-store or



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Hehehe wait until you buy their ocean stream wave maker products. The power head very large, weight like a ton hanging on the piece of plastic screw. I broke the head after 3 months of used byjust changingthe flow direction. I did email them for guarantee issue and got their answer after few tried by no replacement part available for the power head, and never got the offer to repair or replace the power head. It suppose got 6 months guarantee on the product.

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Never received an invoice or confirmation email after placing an order for over $100 of supplies.  After 1 month and 3 requests never received confirmation or shipping update.  Finally demanded a refund which was issued promptly, however with no explanation or apologies.

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