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Zombiezero's nuvo 4


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Here's my nuvo 4.


So far I have 4lbs of coral skeleton, I like the little mountain.

Replaced the return pump with one from a biocube 14 I had laying around. LOTS OF FLOW


It's been up for a while, now that the cycle is done I will add some coral.



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What kind of lighting is that?

Look like the stock 4 watt light that comes with the nuvo 4.


I really like the 4 gallons. I think I'm going to get one to go along with my 30. That's a sweet rock you got as well.

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I like the nuvo tanks. My fiance has the 38 and I have the light for the 4g on my Spec.


Hehe, jgpico, got the pico bug again? :D

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