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The Innovative Marine Nuvo Index Thread

joel sandoman

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joel sandoman


The last picture of my old tank (crashed recently). The new one is coming on strong.

I linked both of your threads. Hopefully the second one comes out just as beautiful as the first one. :)

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I figured this might be the place to ask since it's the "Universal" Nuvo thread....But I bought a Nuvo 16 used without pumps. What do you guys suggest for a replacement pump? One pump? Or two separate pumps for each return nozzle?

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joel sandoman

I notice some people putting Kessil's on these, would one be enough for the 16?

Probably not enough spread, but you could raise it up and turn it up and it may work.


You can add my 16 to your list. I just added the CUC to the tank. Need to take some pics and add an update to my thread.



Added. Welcome!

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So...I recently downsized to an Innovative Marine Nuvo 8, so I could focus more on a job opportunity that recently surprised me. Here is the info:

Tank: Innovative Marine Nuvo 8 gallon
Filtration: inTank Media Basket w/ Purigen, Chemipure Elite & Filter Floss
Return/Flow: Hydor Pico Evolution Mini 600
Lighting: Nano Box Reef - Mini Tide (full spectrum, 11 LED's)
Heater: 50w Hydor
Coral: Golden Aussie Torch, Frog Spawn, Rock Anenome, Purple Death Palys, Watermelon Zoas, Steel Blue Zoas, Armor of God Zoas, Nuclear Green Fuzzy Mushrooms
Fish: No fish at this time...I want this tank as simple as possible. MAY add a clown goby...but I've never had a tank this small before so I'm not so sure.

The coral in the photos aren't fully extended because they were without light for about 12 hours. I put the new light on and took the pictures pretty soon after.

Photos (unedited):






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My Nuvo is almost complete!! I'm looking to add a Ebo Jagger heater, just wasn't sure of the size. Will the 50w be enough or should I go for the 75w? The price is the same. Also concerned with how tall it is and if it will fit in the heater compartment.

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Get the cobalt neo therm heater instead.


I would, but they're way pricier. I've had good experiences with the Ebo Jaggers and they're more comfortably priced for me.

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i'm soooooo torn. I don't know whether to get the 30 or the 38......are you really able to put that much more in a tank? It is only about 4 inches longer. Also with the 30, i can get away with using the ai nano. With the 38 id have to spend more for the sol or the vega. decisions decisions lol

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