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Coral Vue Hydros

My new 16gal IM Nuvo


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Ok, a pictures and a brief update on how things are going.


The new picture is a full tank shot. It is a bit dark as I tried a faster speed to get a crisper picture but decent ISO and no flash. Of course, I have no idea what I am really doing when trying to take pictures so if someone has an suggestions...


Anyway, I added a clown. Had a little yellow clown goby but he managed to jump out, even with the glass lid on. I have added a few more zoa and the newest coral, an elegance. It is an Indo and I hear they can be hard to keep but it has been over a week and he seems to be pretty lively. Looks about like he did at the LFS. Crossing my fingers...





Levels seem good, corals seem active, fish appears to be happy. My red planet (pretty sure that is what it was called) got rolled over onto one of my mushrooms several days ago while I was at work. Mounted it that evening but it took forever for the mushroom to recover. Still not puffing up much but at least it is slowly expanding.



Nothing much as it was just started about a week and a half ago. Going to move everything from my 8gal over so will be redoing the aquascaping.


Currenty have the stock lighting but will move over my par38 when I move the coral over from the other tank. Added a powerhead for circulation and don't plan on a skimmer but will just do weekly waterchanges like I do with my 8gal (no detectible nitrates or phosphates). Did finally break down and get an RODI system so I don't have to run to the LFS any more (woohoo!)


So far...


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Finally got stuff moved over from my 8 gal. It has been 6 days and everything seems to have adjusted to the new place.


Sorry had to resize the image.


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