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First post, Chill Solutions CSXC-1 Chiller Review


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Hey everyone.. been on the site for a while but never joined... just got my chiller the other day and figured I would post some pictures and info


Recently I custom retrofitted my Biocube 14 hood with LEDs..


8x Cree Royal Blue XT-E

8x Cree Cool White XP-G

2x 3-Up Royal Blue XP-E

3x UV 410nm (not on in the pic)

3x Moonlight LEDs (also not on in the pic)


definitely bright enough... but generated a ton of heat.. i was having trouble keeping the temp down even when toning the ballasts down to 50% power or below. whats the point of blindingly bright LEDs if you cant run them at full power (with the new chiller it keeps the water cool at full power but asthetically i prefer to adjust the ballasts for 100% RB and 60% Cool White)


My dad has a 120g tank, his refrigeration based chiller (arctica) works great and granted its way bigger than the one i would need for this size tank.. i live in a tiny studio apartment in NYC and didn't really want to hear the click on click off and loud hum from the compressor.


i had a cool works ice probe on my older 8 gal tank but that was barely able to keep the temp down with just a tiny UV sterilizer and one powerhead, so definitely wasn't going to cut it here. i decided to go with Chill Solutions CSXC-1 thermoelectric chiller I found on eBay:





Installation was straightforward... cut the vinyl tubing and hooked it up inline with my biocube uv / pump, hooked up the chiller, set the temp (really clean unit, internal temp sensor no wires besides the power cable, plugged it into the power supply.. rated for 12V 10.8A, im assuming the Peltier junction inside plus fan draws close to the rated current making it more than twice as powerful as the cool works IceProbe, plus you dont need to drain your tank and drill a hole in it.



Here are some pics, temp stays parked exactly at 77.7 even with the lights on full blast.


Unrelated question... how do stop these red mushroom corals from splitting they are taking over the tank!
































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seems like a nice package...but i cant tell what type of material is the heat transfer blocks made of. chances are its not made from titanium, and mostly aluminum which will corrode over time.

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seems like a nice package...but i cant tell what type of material is the heat transfer blocks made of. chances are its not made from titanium, and mostly aluminum which will corrode over time.



the aluminum heatsink that you see is not in direct contact with the saltwater, there is a ceramic thermoelectric element in between


the block is made of HDPE, high density polyethylene. The thermoelectric element is ceramic. The thermistor is encapsulated in teflon. All three of which will definitely be completely immune to attack by saltwater

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so basically the peltier cooler comes in direct contact with the water?


i wonder if the "water block" is channeled inside to better direct the water flow so that it has maximum contact time with the peltier.

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yea, i looked inside and see the white ceramic face of the peltier so that is what directly cools the water. i honestly dont know if a channeled block would make that much of a difference considering water's high specific heat capacity and thermal conductivity.. and relatively low amount of heat being transferred out of the water, not sure if it is worth the pressure drop.


i decided to see if this thing has enough power to pull the tank temp down (i already know it can hold it within a tenth of a degree of 77.7 when the lights come on).. so i unplugged it and let the lights heat the tank to 81 and then turned the chiller on and within an hour it was parked back at 77 and change... actually quite impressive

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I just ordered one of these! If you don't mind could you answer some questions about it.


How do you like it overall?

Is it really as quiet as they advertise?

what are the dimensions?


Thanks for you time and help

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I can't speak for that particular unit, but the only noise involved would be the fan...Peltier junctions are solid-state, and you can't hear electrons.

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Can't you all just hook up a $5 fan from Target to cool the water in your tank? I have a cheapo fan above my 40 and it is able to keep the temp below 79 no problem.

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