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My NUVO 8 Setup


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I want to start documenting my Nuvo 8 setup and get recommendations from others. I am back to the hobby after been away for 2 yrs. I used to have a 72gal corner FOWLR and always wanted to have corals. The Nuvo 8 is perfect for my new place and allows me to experiment with corals without the high price tag of larger systems.


IM Nuvo 8 - stock pump, light, etc.

10# Caribbean LR

10# Fiji Pink LS


Here is a progression of my system in the first 4 weeks.


Aquascape test at the LFS... post-79017-0-05854500-1361975297_thumb.jpg



Setup at home at Day 1. post-79017-0-62136700-1361975552_thumb.jpg



Water cleared up in about 1 Hr...post-79017-0-73800300-1361975762_thumb.jpg



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I am at my 4th week already, just wanted to post the history up until now...Will post more pics of my progression in a few, as I already have around $250.00 worth of different frags (Zoas, Mushrooms, and a few LPS...also CUC and a couple of tenants).

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Cycle took about 2 weeks using Fritz Turbo 900 Bacteria...


Then added my first 2 frags... a Finger Leather and a small Brown/Orange Zoa colony I got for 10/ea.




sorry for the not-so-good iPhone pics...





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Here's how my tank is looking today...



My latest additions are:

a Duncan...



a tiny Torch...



a Pink Flower Pot (Goniopora stutchburyi, I think....)



and a Neon green Frogspawn



As far as lighting I think I may need to add another IM Skkye 8W light to increase my PAR values...I am not overly concerned as I don't need my LPS to overgrow my tank but I wish to see them thrive and my Zoas to cover my rocks.


Any suggestions? Please reply with your comments.

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Well, here I am again. I visited Frag Junky for the first time and was amazed with the number of selections they have. I picked up a few frags on Friday so here it goes...


Red and Pink Palys...




Gorilla nipple zoa colony on the front...and 2 Blue Paly heads on the back. I hope they grow quickly!




And my new centerpiece...A red Acan Lord...




I also moved some frags on the right side to make up some additional space for my next buy!


Let me know what you think!

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I'd recommend getting one of these made for you....


Evaporation? What evaporation?







Thanks to Pico Aquariums for the custom filter cover. They are a sponsor here. I gave him the dimensions I wanted and he made it. :-)

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How's oxygen exchange with the back cover on?


I added an ATO and never worry about evaporation anymore. Lazy reefer here. ;-)

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Pics of your ATO? I hate cables and stuff hanging out the back...and ATO's are normally bulky - that's why I don't have one. As far as oxygen exchange....I'm not worried about it. Biocubes and Nanocubes are fully enclosed...so are other tanks. This thing still has gaps around the glass cover and the little hole in the center....not too worried yet. Hah

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Sure - I was planning on updating from the move soon so I'll add in pics of the ATO. It's the Tunze version so everything is enclosed in the stand with just the water tube in from the back. The dosing pump tubes come in too, and I'm looking for something better to hold them down. Little drill holes in the back of that lid would work nicely...

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Deleted User 4

Nice tank and lights. But I still think the gooseneck is too long. Maybe switch that part out?


I know you received better spread from it but I don't know.

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Nice tank and lights. But I still think the gooseneck is too long. Maybe switch that part out?


I know you received better spread from it but I don't know.


Talking to me?


This is what it normally looks like:




I just have it elongated temporarily until I replace the anthelia coral on top...which is blocking a lot of light from getting to the zoas/palys.

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