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Late to the party - Another 2.5g


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I'm new to the board and have only posted a few messages but the advice has been great.


I'm posting some pics of the pico so far. I'm waiting on 2 13w 50/50's from AH Supply then I can get this puppy started.


I went to Home Depot and picked up a 11x14 sheet of acrylic for $1.99 and made a little cover to help with evaporation. Tell me what you guys think, I look forward to any criticism.



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What do you mean about ph probs with glass top?


The searches I looked up talked about oxygen exchange vs evaporation. I was going to do glass-top, open AC500 on my new 16G, but now you got me wondering :0

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One of the cleanest canopies I've seen - very nice. The black canopy will look great with the painted black glass. How did you cut your acrylic?



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you should sell those, very nice!


PS I have glass tops on many tanks and have never heard of them mesing with pH. RB may have been messing with ya.


Also, maybe make a hindged back so you dont lose a lot of light through the back or just make it go 1/4 to 1/2 way down, know what i mean?

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If the tank is sealed to tight gas exchange is inhibited and a build up of C02 can cause lower pH.


Nice tank set-up. I have a AGA 2.5 with a canopy I made out of ABS. I have a 7100K 18w and two 13w actinics in mine. I like the little base. Keeps it from looking top heavy.

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ahh there you go. maybe because the backs have always had a slot cut for the HOB has allowed the gas to escape.


good to know dave.

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dude that's sweet, I really like it only thing I would have done different was paint the back blue to keep from getting a

"gothic reef look" either way sweeeeeet

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Thanks for all the compliments guys. I hadn't thought about the cover thing, good point though. The 5.5 gallon I had a few years ago had a lot of evaporation so I was going to try something a little different this time.


ross76053: I used an acrylic cutter from Home Depot. I happened to have one that I used to cut some formica around the house.


djconn: That's an AC Mini on the back. I got it off eBay still in the plastic for $13 shipped!


xcajx: You think I could make any money? :D Good point about the back. I'm thinking of installing a fan on one side which may block some light. I'm still trying to figure it out.


By the way, here's a picture of another little project I finished a while back. I learned a little about woodworking from this. I found the plans on the Internet and $500 later here it is!

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no i wasnt "messing with you" a covered top will create ph problems because it holds in the c02 from the gas exchange. Most tanks run an open top, not covered.

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Originally posted by Reefer_Buddha

no i wasnt "messing with you" a covered top will create ph problems because it holds in the c02 from the gas exchange. Most tanks run an open top, not covered.


Hi Reefer_Buddha


I saw this thread so i thought i'd put my two cents worth in, well i'll be having a covered tank too but i always have an opening for gas exchange, my tank cover will be perspec's instead of glass..



regards from Len

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I run all my tanks coverd and have never had a ph problem the only thing I would do diferent, is put a little screw or some thing on the front of the acrylic and cut out more room around the filter to let more air exchange.


Just my 2 cents

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Your tank looks really good. I have found that acrylic covers tend to bend and warp from the heat from lights. They are also harder to clean than glass covers. I've used both acrylic and glass covers and I've been much happier with the glass ones.

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Hey Shawn,

I am in Baycliff and I was wondering if you could make me a hood and a base for a 2.5, since I do not really have any tools at my apartment.




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Shawn, nice hood. I been debating between 2.5 to 7. Really its the lights that has been the debate, weither to go with MH 70w or 150w or just to go with PCs. The trouble with choices. haha


So how tall is that telescope, and what is the diameter of your mirror? It looks like the build for a "Star-Splitter", but that would be a mini since the Star Splitter is 24" diamater mirror and 12 feet tall (or at least 8 feet tall). Must live a little futher south of Houston than I do.


Purple Haze - I live in Heritage Park, but have a Friendswood zip. :P


hmpitags2006 - with all of us living so close we could almost start a nano sub club of MARSH. haha

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