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6" Makers set up for Upflow Algae Scrubber

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I put together a LED set up for my DIY UAS. Got some ideas from threads here and others posted on the LEDgroupbuy site


My lighting included


Stuff from LEDgroupbuy.com
1 - 6" Makers LED heat sink kit
1 - Inventronics 40w driver - 700mA
1 - 10K Ohm 1/2 watt Linear Taper Potentiometer
12 - Solderless CREE XP-E Red


Other stuff
1 - 5.7v phone charger(for the fan) I had laying around
1 - project box from Radio shack
2 - 15 pin VGA connections
1 - power port
1 - VGA cable
1 - rubber grommet
Power cords


Stuff I am going to add
3 - Solderless CREE XT-E Royal Blue with 80 degree optics
thermal paste (have not used it yet as the LEDs may move)


I decided to do solderless LEDs for a couple reasons, first I am not very good at soldering and second I figured it would be easier to switch things out this way.


A few questions for the DIYers out there in the picture of the driver box is it okay that I soldered both the fan cord and LED driver to the same power port. I could not think of a reason why not to but electricity is not my specialty. Also with the driver get to hot in an enclosed box? Should I vent the box?


All I have to figure out now is a good way to mount the light, my current set up is pretty janky.


Some pictures:



Drilled a hole in the heat sink so I could run the fan wire into the light section and then connect it via the VGA cable






Dimmed at lowest setting

Full blastNSC_4021.jpg



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Milad LEDGroupBuy.com

That looks clean. How long did that take you to build?



For your questions:

If you mean the same AC outlet for the fan power supply and driver, then its fine


Ideally you want to vent the box with the driver. Just some air holes of some sort. you dont want the driver to get too hot but you dont need a fan.

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Thank you, I would say 7-8 hours of working on it. A lot of that time was trial and error to firgure out what worked and looked best.


I forgot the picture of the inside of the driver box(added) but yes the fan power supply and LED driver both are soldered to the same ac outlet.


I will have to drill a few holes, probably a few on one end and a few over the driver.


Thanks again.

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Sorry to bump such an old thread - but how did you get your DB15 connectors mounted to your light/project box like that? Were you actually able to find a way to secure them, or are they sitting in the hole? What did you use to cut the hole, for that matter? :huh:


Looking to do the same, but not sure of the best way to go about it.

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