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Coral Vue Hydros

Redknee's Nuvo 16 Build


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My new Nuvo 16 aquarium I won from Innotivate Marine during one of their monthly aquarium giveaways through facebook. First time I've ever won anything like this.

I'm very excite of getting this tank up and running. First i need to sand down the aquarium stand I have for the Nuvo. Going to paint it white to match the aquarium"s background.

Here is the Nuvo 16 the day it arrived when they shipped it. Innovative Marine even paid for the shipping cost. All free for me.


I had to briefly set it up just to make sure everything worked. Of course to see how the Skkye LEDs were lit up.

And they are BRIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stock Leds: 2) Clamp 8 LEDs

6 x 1W 14K Daylight

& 4 x 0.5W 456nm Blue

I've even filled it up with water to do a test run for any possible leaks.

All was good in that area. I should of taking a pic of it.

Here is it all lit up. This is one of the rocks I will be using in this build.1344291391.jpg

Here is the start of the platform I have built to raise up the tank and stand so I wouldn't have to bend over as much cuz of my lower back issues I have.

The platform is put together out of 2x6's and plywood. Nothing fancy. All simply but effective to withstand a lot of weight.

Even though this Nuvo of mine won't be nearly as heavy as what this platform will be able to hold.


All wood puttied up and sanded down. Now the platform and trim is ready to be primed.

The screws has been countered sink and puttied.

When I was doing the doing all 3 phases of sanding I was trying to get all of the wood smooth as i can get it. I first used a 60grit sandpaper, then a 80grit, next 120 grit and final phase with a 220grit. Now you still can see the seams of the wood being screwed together after all the sanding. But, you cannot tell after the final coat of paint has been painted on.


All primed up now. At this point the these brad nails hadn't been countered sink and puttied. I'd a few opinions of how this would looked since this the very first time I've ever done any trim work on anything I've worked on with wood.

I don't think I've too bad with this being the first time 1349675227.jpg

Two coats of primer and 2 coated of paint later. the nails has been countered sinked and wood puttied.

Painting this with a brush using latex was a HUGE pain for me since I am too picky at what i do with my hands. Latex doesn't lay down easy and leaves brush marks. Oh that erked me big time. I've even lightly sanded in between every phase of paint to ensure I would get the smoothest surface as I can get.


Ok now for the stand what the Nuvo 16 is going on.

Here is it before I completely sanded it down.


Now all stripped and sanded. Pls I'f puttied up any deep scratches, dings and knot holes.

Many people said I should just clear coated it as is. Butr the whole purpose is for the stand and platform is to match the aquarium and kinda match the room that aquarium will be in.


Even thought the stand isn't completely done as it is in this photo.

But kinda gives you an idea of how all three ( tank, stand and platform) will look.

There will be some green trim paint on the stand too.


Now the stand is all primed and finally ready to be painted.

Using the painter's tape in position for where I am adding in the hunter green paint to accent this stand more than being solid white like I originally planned. But My wife stated the stand and platform being all white would be too much and tacky in her opinion.

So Chanel (my wife) suggested of painting the trim work the same color are the trim in the dining room where the tank will be.

And that's what I am doing


Now after the green had been painted on. Still have the door to do though.


Door finished now



Stand and platform finished and in place.


Everything place and waiting for the cycling process


Now with the tank all lit up but empty


I am still waiting to get some cash to buy some sand for this Nuvo. This is the only thing preventing to get started on the cycling process.

I was hoping to be able to sell one or two of my tarantulas to get the money up for the sand. but the person backed out on buying the tarantula from me.

Just waiting now.

Now I have the 15lbs of sand I needed


Next day after the water settled from the cloudiness from the sand.


Now I added a few small pieces of live rock (all I have for the moment)

This is with the 2 stock Skkye Light LEDs came with the aquarium.

Also upgraded the return nozzle with the IM Spin Streams for the alternate current flow.


Ok I received a 3rd Skkye clmp lamp for my Nuvo 16

now have 3 Skkyelight Lamps 8 LEDs

6 x 1W 14K Daylight

& 4 x 0.5W 456nm Blue


My Plans for this Nuvo 16 to have mostly Zoas/Palys in there. but I will have few other corals in there as well.

For fish wise. i don't plan on having many in there. maybe 2 or 3 fish. Not too sure yet.

I really would love to have a pair of Snowflake Clowns. in due time....maybe.

Thanks for ya time

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Here is a current status of where I am with this slow moving Nuvo build.

FTS of thew Nuvo 16
left rockwork I bonded together. The center rock is a Eco Rock
As you can see this 14k leds doesn't do any corals in this nano any justice but the zoas

These Acans looks best under the lighting I have in the 65g than these leds.
Had to move them over cuz all the Acans starting to not like in the 65 anymore.
Green Dragon Eyes Zoas in the back.

Rainbow Acans
Moved over this one for the same reason as the other acan

Single polype of Lunar Eclipse given to my by a friend of mine

Unknown Mushroom

Right side of the Nuvo 16
Acan Alley lol

left side of the Nuvo 16
On top of the rocks is the Goblet of Fires

Close up of the Goblet of Fire
Happens to be my favorite in the nano

Well that's all for now
Once I have more added I'll post an update.

Thanks for ya time

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