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10% off aquarium cleaner packages with free shipping

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Take 10% off our Quick Crew packages from now until Saturday December 13th at 11:59 PM EST using the code "quickcrew" during checkout. This code will work for any order containing one of our quick crew packages, so you can order additional items and still receive the discount.


Notes: No retroactive discounts unfortunately

Cannot be combined with other discounts.


You can find our aquarium packages here. Free shipping delivery methods and the contents of the packages can be seen if you click the size tank you have.


Thanks again, and happy reefing!


(For those of you who can't take advantage of this promo, fear not! The Ugly Tank Contest begins taking entries next week, so subscribe to the forum to learn how to win that most prestigious event and the free clean up crew that comes with it.)

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John's the bomb! Just received my second CUC yesterday evening.

Needed to bolster the cleaning power of my first crew. :)


All alive and of course, a ton of extras! W-

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Got my 180g quick crew delivered today via snail mail. Grabbed it right off the truck and after acclimation started adding them in by the handfuls. I go to check on the migration a few minutes ago with the flashlight, my wife sees them all, "omg how many snails are you going to put in there." Well played Maloney, well played. There's still a huge pile in the corner but I have no doubt they wont be there in the morning.

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