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MakersLED Hanging Kit - How-to

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New Hanging Kit Available


The integrated upper T-slots of the MakersLED heatsink makes it easy to add U-bolts, Eye-bolts, or straight bolts for mounting your fixture.


We’re trying to make mounting even easier by offering a new cable hanging kit.It is quite affordable too, at only $12 — which is almost 1/3 the cost of some commercial hanging kits!






Now Available at:












The Hanging Kit Includes:

  • 2 Y-Hanger Cables

  • Adjustable Cable Length, up to 7 ft (allows easy raising and lowering)
  • 4 nylon washers, 4 stainless steel hex cap screws, and 4 stainless hex lock nuts to mount to MakersLED fixture
  • 2-2.5inch screws for ceiling stud mounting


*If you cannot locate studs in your ceiling, you may consider using 3/16″ hollow wall anchors, available at your local hardware store. There is also a M6 threaded hole in the ceiling mounting hardware, which allows for bolt mounting.


Installation Guide:



As a rule of thumb, a built-up MakersLED heatsink weights about 5lbs/foot without drivers or power supplies attached.


Each hanger cable in the set is built to the specification of 30lbs per hanger, or 60lbs for the 2 included hangers combined. Basic testing has been done and found that one hanger can hold up to 85lbs without breakage. This kit has not been tested by a safety agency for load. Before using, test the hanger with the final load over a safe area.


Mount the Hangers to the Fixture


1. (Optional) Pre-bend the stainless steel eyelettes to approximately 45 degrees using pliers



2.Install the head of the included ¼” bolts facing upwards in the upper T-slots of your MakersLED fixture . Place the included nylon washer down over the bolts to protect the finish on the heatsink. Next, install the hanger eylette, and the lock nut. Use a 7/16” open face wrench to tighten down the lock nut.



3. Tighten the set screws on the bottom of the Y assembly with a Philips screwdriver.



Mount the Hangers to the Ceiling


4. Unscrew the ceiling mounting hardware from the top of the hanger. Insert the 2.5” wood screw into the ceiling hardware.



5. Locate a stud and drive it into the ceiling. A powered screw driver may be necessary.Alternatively, anchor hardware or M6 bolts may also be used (not included).



6. Next, thread the hangers onto the ceiling hardware:



7. Adjust the height of the fixture. Once the height is determined, dikes/snips/diagonal cutters may be used to trim excess cable length.



8. If necessary, the cable may be adjusted or removed by pressing down on the spring loaded barrel on the top of the Y assembly


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Could you make a How-To for making legs for the Heatsink?

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Awesome kit at a great price. Keep up the good work!

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